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Obaseki & Co; Obaseki Solicitors & Obaseki Estates Property & Business solutions.
We provide bespoke business, legal & property service’s with fully itemised estimates and affordable rates

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We have Bespoke services available to cater to all clients internationally to make sure all their needs are met. 

Property Sales

With an international Presence, we cater to our client's buying or investment needs by providing various strategies to maximize client's business and personal goals; providing bespoke property options worldwide.

Property Management & Lettings

With an extraordinary system allowing us to keep track of the property market, we strive to give maximum information, so they can make a strategic decision when looking for property management.

Property Sourcing

We provide significant options, taking into account the location and circumstances of each client with both on & off-market properties making sure we always find the best properties for your needs.

SPMVS Packages

Here at Obaseki Estates, we like to facilitate the lives of all our clients. We provide packages including different services in one. Source - Purchase - Maintain - Value - Sell/Manage.

Gardening Services

Our bespoke partners have services available for your gardening needs. Our Gardening specialists can cater to all your needs to give your garden the best look!

Cleaning Services

MAKE IT SHINE Cleaning is our partner company providing five star quality cleaning of our commercial & residential properties. They specialise in cleaning of external and internal properties with over 10 years in the cleaning & Hygiene industry.

Maintenance Services

With a specialist maintenance team, we make sure your business or home is to the best structural standard and has high-quality fixtures.

Safety & Compliance

With Safety being our utmost priority, all our properties and clients will be vetted to establish that only safe properties and legally compliant clients are being catered to.

Furnishing & Staging Services

Obaseki Estates have partners available to support our clients with staging of their properties for marketing purposes. We also offer the opportunity to have your properties fully furnished by us to facilitate the process for you.

Marketing Services

With a virtually advanced system, We cater to business needs in the marketing sector. We provide support for all sorts of marketing strategies to make sure your business needs are met.

Mortgage & Financial Services

Our Mortgage and Financial Partners have the expertise to deal with every client's financial goals. Whether you are a first time UK national investor or an experienced international client.

Business Support & Planning

At Obaseki Estates all our experts combined have been in business for over 30 years. We provide support and planning strategies for start-ups or for large international businesses looking for expansion and to create a presence in a particular country.

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Obaseki Estates have an international presence in various countries around the world to meet all clients Business, Legal and Property needs.

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Obaseki Estates is partnered with international operating firms dealing with finance and property investments.

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